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Our online store reflects the experience we have in the field of stationery and office supplies, we have started this business 7 years ago with a list of loyal clients who have trusted our quality, prices and delivery time.

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About Waptech Stationery

Waptech Stationery supplies wholesaler company was founded in 2016 with great ambition and a goal being the market's leader in high quality stationery and office supplies and to be the most known supplier for all companies needing office supplies.

Waptech offers all the office and stationery supplies needed for any business industry. In addition, we have launched our online store to serve stand alone customer with best prices and fast delivery as well as we do with our valued customers companies.

About Our Online Store

We have launched our online store website as a kick start of a booming E-commerce stationery trade. this industry that goes around almost all our life corners, from home, school, company, and each and every aspect of life.

We are ready to fulfill all your stationery and school supplies, you can pick the items in one basket and shop freely, or you can send us the school's supply list and we will do all the magic to get it on your door step.

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